Ringostat is a platform of call tracking, telephony, and end-to-end analytics. Ringostat helps optimize marketing, considering ROI, build effective communication with customers, and boost sales. It is the only service of its kind in Eastern Europe to be an official Google Analytics technology partner. The website G2 has ranked Ringostat among the top 10 best services for inbound call tracking software.

The platform includes seven products: Call tracking, End-to-end analytics, Virtual PBX, a Callback widget, Smart Phone, Insider, and Messenger.

These products each represent one of three branches that together make up a single ecosystem: analytics, communication, and sales. You can use each product separately, but combining them will bring about the best results. Working with Ringostat products is easy, given the user-friendly interface and custom settings for more than 90% of the parameters.

Call Tracking

Call tracking is a technology that defines the advertising source of the call. Due to call tracking, the marketer knows exactly the effectiveness of a particular campaign and correctly allocates the advertising budget.

Smart Phone — the extension for Google Chrome

Intelligent assistant for a sales rep.
Communicate with customers where it is convenient for them. Receive valuable insights and increase the average check size.

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX (cloud PBX) is telephony that works over the Internet. It allows to quickly provide a reliable connection for a business of any size. It connects in a day, does not require additional investments in equipment, and it is suitable for any working conditions of the sales department.


Virtual analytical assistant of a sales rep.

Discover the maximum information on the customer even before answering his call and increase the chances to close a deal.


Callback or a callback form is a website widget that connects a customer with a sales rep of your company in 30 seconds. The callback widget fully matches with your site design and appears at the appropriate time, inviting the visitor to make a call.


Process requests from different messengers in a single interface.

Communicate with customers where it is convenient for them.

End-to-end analytics

End-to-end analytics is a method of evaluating the effectiveness of advertising channels based on driven income. Without end-to-end analytics, you don’t have a real picture of marketing’s cost recovery, and you can only measure its effectiveness by intermediate metrics.

Ringostat prioritizes client needs. The friendly tech support team is attentive to users‘ requests and responds in under four minutes. 95% of users rate Ringostat tech support specialists as “Excellent” or “Good.” In addition, a dedicated customer success manager helps customers use Ringostat products as effectively as possible for their specific business needs.