E-learning: Why should you opt for a Moodle implementation by SoloStudio?


We have several years of experience working with the Moodle platform. By implementing projects in various fields, we have gained extensive knowledge. This experience provides us with particular expertise in areas such as business, politics, law, and history. We are familiar with the typical structures of learning units and are well-equipped to assist you optimally in the digitization process!

Value for Money

Despite our experience and quality, we are able to offer our services at an excellent cost-performance ratio. This is because we involve many talented interns in our Moodle offering to help them gain valuable work experience.

Design Resources

Another quality feature is our studio’s design team. As we offer web designs and other creative services, we have a wealth of design resources within our team, which we can incorporate into your project.


Our primary goal in digitizing teaching materials is to integrate the element of gamification! We believe learning should be fun and engaging. We invest a lot of energy in designing a learning platform that meets this trend.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is a free course management system and learning platform. The software supports cooperative teaching and learning methods.

Moodle provides virtual course rooms where learning materials and activities are made available. Each course can be configured to be accessible only to registered participants, allow guests, or require a password for participation. Various course formats allow for a “weekly overview”, a thematic structure, a central forum, or a SCORM learning unit.

Course materials include texts, links, and files. Learning activities include forums, tests, assignments, lessons, books, wikis, etc. The arrangement of working materials and learning activities allows for different didactic scenarios that can follow an instructional or constructivist learning model.

Users have different rights in the course room or for individual activities based on their assigned roles as trainers/lecturers/teachers or participants/students/pupils. The Open Badges project run by the Mozilla Foundation offers the possibility of issuing digital performance records, the so-called badges. Badge holders can present these on the Internet, for example in the Mahara e-portfolio system.

Why Moodle?

The three most important arguments in favor of Moodle are as follows:

  1. Features for digitization, testing, and gamification
  2. Provider independence thanks to open source
  3. Value for money ratio